Meet the Agency Team

GAINSCO Auto Insurance Agency is proud to serve customers who prefer to shop for their auto insurance using web marketplaces and online tools. Each member of our team has extensive knowledge of the GAINSCO Auto Insurance product and how it can best serve you. Our agents will work to find you discounts and the best price to ensure dependable coverage at an affordable price.


Bertha R.
Bertha R.Agency Sales Manager
Linda P.
Linda P.Agency Customer Success Manager
Diana C.
Diana C.Agency Service Manager

Supervisors and Team Leads

Savina V.
Savina V.Agency Sales Supervisor
Skylar P.
Skylar P.Team Lead Sales
Maria M.
Maria M.Team Lead Sales
Tyrechia M.
Tyrechia M.Sr. Certified Sales Agent
Johnny G.
Johnny G.Sr. Certified Sales Agent
Salvador M.
Salvador M.Sr. Customer Support Specialist
Kourtneye G.
Kourtneye G.Team Lead Sales

Sales Team

Anthony V.
Anthony V.Agency Sales Representative
Brad H.
Brad H.Agency Sales Representative
Chiekeria T.
Chiekeria T.Agency Sales Representative
Claudia H.
Claudia H.Agency Sales Representative
David C.
David C.Agency Sales Representative
Efrem R.
Efrem R.Agency Sales Representative
Gerson V.
Gerson V.Agency Sales Representative
Irma G.
Irma G.Agency Sales Representative
Jennifer C.
Jennifer C.Agency Sales Representative
Jose C.
Jose C.Agency Sales Representative
Kendall P.
Kendall P.Agency Sales Representative
Kim T.
Kim T.Agency Sales Representative
Luz R.
Luz R.Agency Sales Representative
Markisha S.
Markisha S.Agency Sales Representative
Max W
Max WAgency Sales Representative
Sandra M.
Sandra M.Agency Sales Representative
Shirley B.
Shirley B.Agency Sales Representative
Tranell B.
Tranell B.Agency Sales Representative
Vivian O.
Vivian O.Agency Sales Representative
Yvette F.
Yvette F.Agency Sales Representative

Agency Service Specialist and Retention and Onboarding

Amanda S.
Amanda S.Agency Service Specialist
Emma S.
Emma S.Agency Service Specialist
Itzel G.
Itzel G.Agency Service Specialist
Ivan Z.
Ivan Z.Agency Service Specialist
Keviana J.
Keviana J.Agency Service Specialist
Mario L.
Mario L.Agency Service Specialist
Marquise E.
Marquise E.Agency Service Specialist
Rosanna M.
Rosanna M.Agency Service Specialist
Vanessa B.
Vanessa B.Agency Service Specialist
Vanessa M.
Vanessa M.Agency Service Specialist


Claudia C.
Claudia C.Agency Retention Specialist
Irma G.
Irma G.Agency Retention Specialist
Lianne R.
Lianne R.Agency Retention Specialist


Gaby G.
Gaby G.Agency Onboarding Specialist
Rene A.
Rene A.Agency Onboarding Specialist
Yesenia V.
Yesenia V.Agency Onboarding Specialist